Tear Down Show #156: We Believe 5 Million Illegal Votes Were Cast Against Us

We recorded on Inauguration Day and here’s what we discussed:

  • Michael’s big announcement
  • The awkward gift exchange       
  • Two carrots hugging (see the picture)   
  • Spark Media Solutions celebrates 10 years in business (story)                 
  • Trump's POTUS Twitter used an Obama Inaguration pic (story
  • Apparently there's ANOTHER social app name we have to learn (story)             
  • Google products appear on top in Google searches (story)         
  • Sonos has a new CEO, who apparently wants to do the things his previous CEO didn't (story)    
  • Uber settles for $20 million overstating income potential (story)             
  • Kristen Stewart wrote a research paper (story)               
  • IDG sold to Chinese investors just before inauguration day (story)             
  • Zuckerberg may be harboring political ambitions (story)             
  • Zuckerberg has a team of people managing his digital presence (story)             
  • Disco Demolition Night - UNDONE         
  • Netflix advertising how much content it's pushing out. 21 shows in 4 days

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