Tear Down Show #165: Michael and David test Uber’s psychological tricks on each other

On this episode of the Tear Down Show, Michael and David discuss:

  • Walt Mossberg is retiring (story)            
  • Uber's psychological tricks (story)
  • It's not a PR problem at Uber (story)     
  • Google is adding fact checking (story)   
  • It's also using AI to reduce spam on maps (story)           
  • Employee Cyborgs (story)                        
  • There's an open source clone for twitter (story)             
  • Appearing in stock photos was the biggest mistake of my life (story)             
  • Yahoo's new name: Oath           
  • Homeland Security drops demand to unmask Twitter account (story)
  • Michael watches LOVE on Netflix
  • DSLR Video Shooter      
  • What will the Trump administration do to protect your digital privacy?            

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