Tear Down Show #166: We’d Like Google Home to Get This Guy to Say Something

Here’s what Michael and David discuss during the show:


  • Buzzfeeed guessed my age and height after I picked some fast food (story)               
  • Engaged to a robot (story)                       
  • Airbnbn added 2 factor authentication to prevent scammers from renting out your home (story)                
  • Someone hacked every tornado siren (156) in Dallas. Went off for 95 minutes. (story)             
  • Uber booked 20 billion in rides in 2016 (story)                
  • Google's Autodraw and Quick Draw (story)                                   
  • Bezos: It's always Day 1 because Day 2 is the start of death (story)             
  • Dave’s video of Bezos (story)    
  • Utter uselessness of Job Interviews - Believe that it's actually harmful (story
  • Burger King ad launches Google Home - Google made changes to prevent it from launching their devices. Plus there were changes made to the Wikipedia entry. (story)    
  • S-Town              
  • Filmmaker IQ - How a Director Stages and Blocks a Scene (video)                           

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