#106: Michael and David Spend $70K on a “Wizard of Oz” Photoshoot

Here's what David and Michael talk about during the show:


  • Recap of the Smart Kitchen Summit
  • Draft Kings and FanDuel sue NY Attorney General for unilateral cease and desist letter (story)
  • Fossil buys Misfit as Watch Makers try to get smart (story)
  • The Breakup Shop - $10 for a text or email to end your relationship (story)
  • One of the father's of the mainframe has died (story)
  • Beats Music shutting down - Fully Apple Music 
  • YouTube Music App now available (story)
  • Unicorn problems: Zenefits tanks after revenue short fall (story)
  • Pornhub's traffic dips on the day Fallout 4 comes out (story)
  • Marissa Mayer's attempt to boost employee morale through $70K executive photo shoot (story)
  • It's Sonos's world, and you're just living in it: Wireless speaker startups running into trouble (story)
  • Muppets
  • Freaks and Geeks

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