TDS #86: Michael Grows a Beard and David is Jealous

Here's what David and Michael talk about during the show.

  • Politwoops - deleted tweets by politicians - shut down because it violates the developer API terms of service      (story)
  • ReadWrite struggling and just after they were purchased. On the verge of being shut down. Bare bones staff. Starting a fundraising campaign at Bring ReadWrite Back
  • Another Techcrunch Blogger becomes a VC (story)
  • Chinese hackers stealing 4M government employee records. (story)
  • Amazon and groceries: keeping grocers up at night (story)
  • YouTube's move to mobile (story)
  • Nest sent out an invite to a press event on June 17th (story)
  • Spotify betting our music interests aren't so rigid (story)
  • Tumblr's trying to stay relevant: Reddit AMA type platform and GIF search engine (story)
  • "Claw machines are rigged (Watch how)
  • Mystery Show    Starlee Kind - Gimlet Media
  • Note To Self: Formerly called New Tech City

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