TDS 147: Michael and David Can’t Wait to Binge Hate-Watch Trump TV

On this episode of Tear Down Show, Michael and David discuss:
Three people hit $1.00 on Price is Right (story) 
Complete ban on Galaxy Note 7's on planes. You can't bring it on even if powered down. (story) 
Are you ready for Trump TV? (story) 
Peter Thiel to donate 1.25 million to Trump campaign (story) 
Dumping traditional sports for e-sports. (story) 
Are you ready for a marriage holiday? (story) 
Official word on not the official word on the Apple car is that it's failing (story) 
Meatless hamburgers that bleed have sold out (story) 
Google Flights will show you when prices are going to increase (story) 
Google Trips pretty darn cool as well
Netflix is killing it (story) 
Google to add fact checking to its news stories, but nobody's seen it (story) 
Divorce on HBO
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