Tear Down Show #150: Listen Through Your Favorite Wall-Mounted Fish

Here's what David and Michael talk about:
Research says 20% of people change mind because of social media (story) 
Fish are now talking (story)
Slack open letter in NYTimes (story) 
Bad idea or good idea? (story) 
Why so many friggin' open letters? Why not just a post? 
Google taps brakes on drone delivery (story) 
Speaking of drones, you gotta fight them off, right? (story) 
Macedonia becomes a hub of pro Trump information (story) 
Someone created a butter serving robot like on Rick and Morty (story) 
Samsung recalls exploding washing machines. Samsung has now become the exploding brand (story) 
Samsung releases full page apology ads (story) 
Trump's press page let you put in your own headline (for a while) (story) 
A company's created the flying car radar system (story)
Poof - Fitbit for pets. Poof isn’t the only pet fitness tracker on the market — it competes with others such as FitBark and PitPat, but Tran argues Poof is the most comfortable to wear and has the longest battery life. (story) 
Gawker media settled with Hulk Hogan for $31m, not $140m and removal of three "true stories." (story) 
Crazy Ex Girlfriend
Pandemic - Game