TDS #148: DDoTDS - Distributed Denial of Tear Down Show

Here's what Michael and David discuss during the show:
IoT suffers black eye due to Mira botnet (story) 
Why we should be really scared about the massive Internet outtage - Small devices have turned against us. (story) 
One webcam company out of China issued a recall (story) 
Wirecutter sells to NYT for $30 Million (story) 
Hackers sabotage drone design, causing to crash (story) 
What is Samsung going to do about their reputation and how are they going to launch the poorly named phone Samsung Note 8? (story) 
Samsung parody videos being pulled off of Youtube due to Samsung copyright claims. (story) 
Here's a mattress that will detect if you're spouse is cheating on you (story) 
AT&T and Time Warner Merger - Apple angle. $85.4 billion (story) 
The smartwatch is dying (story)
Videogame voice actors on strike. They want a portion of game sales. They get $825 for a four hour session. (story) 
Pokeman Go players walked more, but not much. 1400 steps. About a 25% increase (story) 
Walking Dead - The spoiler avoidance
Far Out Space Nuts, Electra Woman and Dyna Girl