Tear Down Show #149: We're Shocked SHOCKED that Vine is Shutting Down

Here's what Michael and David talk about during the show:
Vine dead - Why it died (story) 
Twitter cuts 9% of its staff (story) 
Follow the #TwitterLayoffs Hashtag (story) 
Uber wants flying cars (story) 
Facebook's new voting app (story)
Dude gives up on self-driving car once he realizes it would be regulated (story) 
Cleantech is rebranding as smartcity (story) 
Microsoft made paint 3D (story) 
Facebook lets you exclude users based on ethnic affinity (story) 
Remember Jason Kilar of Hulu? He started a startup and it got bough and shut down (story) 
Drone hacking, now public (story) 
Muppet Babies is coming back
Hyperbole and a Half
Finished Luke Cage. Awesome series on Netflix. 
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