Tear Down Show #115: Michael and David Don't Know Which Facebook Reaction to Choose

Here’s what David and Michael talk about during the show:

  • Google's Neural network image search is scary (story)     
  • Apple-FBI iPhone hack isn't about privacy-security (story)
  • Google docs let you voice type - and edit, format – now (story)             
  • Kevin Roose invited two hackers to hack him (story)                      
  • What's your reaction to Facebook reactions? (story)        
  • Zuckerberg dealing with a form of racism at Facebook (story)             
  • Amidst VR mania, Google apparently has Project Tango (story)             
  • Computer Science Is Now A High School Graduation Requirement In Chicago’s Public School District (story)    
  • 4G for drones (story)     
  • Amazon pays $15 million for Woody Allen's film unseen (story)             
  • Netflix changing the model of TV (story)
  • Len Peralta's Poster (story)         
  • Smithsonian photo contest (story)

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