Tear Down Show #134: Meet The McEnroe-Borg of Podcasting

Here’s what David and Michael talk about during the show:

  • Facebook's Heavy Promotion of Live Video when dealing with gruesome live streaming (story
  • This week in the Singularity: Bomb robot used to kill Dallas suspect (story)  
  • Skill based casino games to attract Millennials (story)                                  
  • Dear Steve Miller segment:  Is it fair to ask an 80's hairband start to sing at your wedding? (story)     
  • Classic Blackberry and it's keyboard discontinued - end of an era (story)                       
  • Microsoft is betting future on AI (story
  • Snapchat gets a class action lawsuit over exposing sexually explicit content to minors (story)                          
  • How Valleywag changed my life: a post (story)   
  • VR porn festival in Japan (story
  • Bear live stream. You can't stop watching (story)              
  • startup: grooveshark episode     
  • McEnroe and Borg (watch on YouTube)  

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