Tear Down #132: Biggar and Better : Remembering Bill Biggar, Friend of The Tear Down Show

David begins the show talking about the tragic death of his friend and former guest on the show, Bill Biggar. Bill appeared on episode #120, which he wanted us to title “Biggar and Better” (the web address says that), so we’re titling this show “Biggar and Better.”

(if you want to hear the episode with Bill, that episode can be found here: Teardownshow – Tear-down-show-120-we-stand-in-line-to-buy-a-tesla-3-that-doubles-as-a-juicer)

Here's what Michael and David talk about during the show.
Brexit Brexit Brexit – John Oliver’s follow up after the vote
Twilio goes public. Shares close at 90% above starting price (story) 
Amazon's stealing new hires away from...Amazon (story)
YouTube livestream from your phone. (story) 
This week in Singularity: Boston Dynamics Dogs can't quite make it around the house (story) 
Matter media incubator opens in NYC. Should have started there. (story) 
What's wrong with VR. (story) 
Springer wins in German court against ad blocker Eyeo. (story) 
Dog influencers on Instagram (story) 
Miranda Sings heads to Netflix in October (story) 
UnREAL Season 2
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