Tear Down #136: Michael and David Desperately Try to Remember When Yahoo! Was Popular

Here's what Michael and David talk about during the show:

  • When is the right age to give your kids a smartphone? (story)         
  • #hackedbyjohnson give me your password request - This is amazing (story)              
  • Verizon Buying Yahoo (story)     
  • Yahoo original surfers (story)                   
  • Pokeman Go Sherpas (story)      
  • Milo Yiannopoulos banned from Twitter for going after Leslie Jones. Claims he's a conservative voice for Breitbart. Is it an act? (story1story2)                    
  • Redbox is testing new video streaming service (story)      
  • Dungeons and Dragons is now hip with A-list celebrities (story)             
  • Facebook launches first drone....for internet access (story)             
  • Selena Gomez getting $550K per social media post (story)             
  • This week in Singularity: Bots writing more fiction (story)
  • The VCR is officially dead (story)              
  • Mr  Robot         
  • Ballers is Back   
  • All last week with Colbert

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