Tear Down Show #138: Lack of Physical Skill Dash Michael and David's Olympic Dreams

Here's what Michael and David talk about during the show:


  • Swimmers toes: we need to be paying attention to this important issue (story)  
  • IOC is cracking down on Olympics GIFS. Good luck on that. (story)  
  • New Apple Watch coming: are you ready to get one? (story)             
  • Apple converts its gun emoji to look like a watergun - People revolt (story)     
  • Walmart buys Jet.com for $3 Bs (story)  
  • Facebook changes its algorithm to avoid clickbait (story
  • Hulu's killing free, going all-paid (story)  
  • Pokémon Go drives a surge in smartphone backup battery sales (story)  
  • Blake Krikorian died (story)        
  • World's biggest cruise ship - Almost 9000 passengers (story)             
  • China's straddling bus hits the road (story)          
  • I'm going analog with a daytimer. Mock me if you want  
  • I finally listened to Malcom Gladwell's podcast and really liked it. Podcast episodes: The Stanford endowment; Elvis Costello and perfecting a song
  • Luke Aikins skydives without a parachute            
  • How do they score gymnastics    

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