TDS #140: Our Sponsors Ask Us to Get Drunk and Lie

Here's what Michael and David talk about with their guest Dwayne Melancon (@thatdwayne), CTO of Tripwire.



  • The Poopocalypse: Robots are rubbing our nose in poop and we can't stop it (story)   
  • Uber auto driving cars in Pittsburgh (story)        
  • Dumb alibi story goes horribly wrong (story)     
  • NSA Hack (story)            
  • How Trolls are ruining the Internet (story)         
  • What is the deal with cheating in Pokemon Go? (story)
  • Pokemon Go SMS phishing (story)         
  • Finally, we're fighting back against the robot(calls) (story)          
  • Competitive pinball (story)        
  • Watch people play Pinball on Twitch (story)      
  • An iconic war photo (story)       
  • Oh Nothing, Just a Fake Human Sacrifice Near the Large Hadron Collider (story
  • Amazon launches a "featured on Product Hunt" section (story)
  • On The Morality Of Steve Miller’s “Take The Money And Run” (story)             
  • eero dramatically improved my home WiFi (so I can stream the following...) Mr. Robot and Silicon Valley           
  • Atlas Robot - Swearing Mod      
  • How to Hire 1M Security Pros    

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