Tear Down Show #141: Michael and David Host First Driverless Podcast

Here's what Michael and David talk about during the show:

  • Remember being mad about college textbook costs? Now its about online fees (story)        
  • Social Media Lives of Teens (story)                      
  • This week in singularity: Facebook fires 18 humans, promotes its algorithm (storystory 2
  • Should you charge your phone overnight? (story)                        
  • Netflix is a manbang knockoff. (story)   
  • Sports writer banned from Twitter for posting three Olympics GIFs (and then lifted after the story hit) (story)         
  • Are honorary corporate names the new honorary degrees? If you're a world class athlete, yes (story
  • Peter Thiel launches Legalist - Finance lawsuits you think will win (story
  • Forget Monet. Here's a Jobs. (story)      
  • Uber testing flat fare pricing in SF (story)           
  • First driverless taxis hit Singapore (story)           
  • Theater review: Pirates of Penzanz (that’s how Michael spelled it)             
  • The new Netflix arrivals are like digital Christmas (story)             
  • Louis CK and Jay Leno rip on each other              (video)
  • Unknown Caller by Debra Spark              (Get my sister’s book!)

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Creative Commons photo credit to Melody Joy Kramer.