Tear Down Show #143: Try listening to this episode without a headphone jack

  • Important news for pet owners (story)               
  • New iPhone has wireless earbuds - More for you to lose (story)
  • The new iphone: Missing the cycle (story)                       
  • Oculus wins an Emmy (story)    
  • Virginia Tech will get drone delivered burritos via Alphabet and Chipolte. (story)                   
  • This week in Singularity: Fake voices are getting less fake (story)                           
  • Galaxy Note 7 Users can't use their phones on planes (story)                  
  • Samsung's shares dropped as a result. A $10 billion loss (story
  • Twitter has an Alexa skill (story)                           
  • Half of people get mobile news alerts, but only half of those people actually look at them. (story)        
  • Elon Musk is starting conspiracy theories about its rocket (story)                                         
  • FCC's new plan reqires all cable companies to create apps to access their content (story)   
  • Don't write dating articles if you look like this dude                     
  • Adult coloring books – what’s up with that?                   
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