Tear Down Show #182: Ziff Davis outbid us by $50 million for Mashable

Here's what Michael and David talk about during the show:
Stocking Stuffer idea: Tesla Semi truck (story) 
Mashable sold for $50 million to Ziff Davis. That's just 20% of what its valuation was two years ago. (story) 
Other companies considering selling to big media at a song (story) 
Listening to podcasts at high speed - podfasters (story)
Williams Sonoma is buying an AR company (story) 
CompuServe forums are closing down 12/15 (story) 
Richard Spencer and other white supremicists have lost their Twitter verifications (story) 
GameStop giving away XBOX 360 consoles for Black Friday (story) 
13 Reasons Why
Hackable by McAfee
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