Tear Down Show #158: We Want Everyone to Know What We Leaked to the Press

Here's what Michael and David talk about during the show:
How to Leak something to the press (story) 
Google has an app to design a dress for you: "Data Dress" (story) 
Hotel thermostats are placebos (story)
Tinder for orangutans (story)
Uber is still working on flying cars (story) 
Are Adult film stars in danger of losing their job to technology? (story) 
Facebook photo key to getting a job interview (story) 
Electrolux bought Anova, my headline sponsor! (story) 
A smartphone you can wash with soap and water (story) 
Should Elon Musk be advising Trump? (story) 
An app to mend the broken heart. It's called Mend. (story) 
Hater dating app (story) 
Trumpcast on slate
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend