Tear Down Show #162: This Episode is Snuggie Approved

Here's what Michael and David talk about during the show:
Consumer Reports will assess cybersecurity in product reviews (story) 
Snapchat's $34 billion valuation. 44% increase. David said they were morons for not taking Facebook's $3billion offer. (story) 
Snapchat is taking a beating (story) 
Twitter says its timeline tweaks are a success, but won't get too specific (story) 
MIT Reviews 10 breakthrough technologies for 2017 (story) 
Reddit to Trump in 24 hours (story) 
Google sorry for Google Home spitting out Obama conspiracy theory (story) 
Facebook tests a Dislike button in Messenger (story) 
The Snuggie has been classified as a blanket, not clothing (story) 
Girls final season
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