Tear Down Show #163: Listen now or we'll be replaced by ROBOTS!

Here’s what David and Michael talk about during the show:

  • Senate votes to gut our privacy rights. Overturn Obama's regulation that required ISPs to get our permission before selling our location and browser history to third parties (story)      
  • Mnuchin: AI won't replace US jobs for 50-100 years (story)        
  • 38% of the jobs are at risk of being replaced by robots (story)   
  • Dropping out of the job market to play video games (story)      
  • GIFS are maybe coming to FB comments (story)             
  • Password Rules are BS (story)                 
  • Amazon made their first drone delivery (kinda) (story
  • Apple iCloud Ransom demands from Turkish Crime Family (story)             
  • Eatsa being sued (story)             
  • Have phones replaced teenage drug use? (story)                         
  • Latest episode of Reply All - Alex Blumberg's Uber account hacked. Apparently it happens a lot    
  • LOVE second season      

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