Tear Down Show #164: Special episode with Dave's MOM!

Here's what Michael, David, and Dave's Mom (Barbara) talk about during the show:


  • IMPORTANT LEAD STORY –Predicting a friend’s wedding by the pizza you order (story)   
  • Twitter ditches the egg (story
  • Internet Privacy and ISPs – Gone (story)                           
  • Robots are replacing US workers at alarming rate (story)            
  • The argument for just ONE monitor (story)       
  • 2016 was the year streaming music finally became majority of industry revenue (story)        
  • How managers can retain technical women on their team (story)             
  • ESPN is slipping. They're not prepped for the future (story)       
  • S town podcast - apparently its huge    
  • How to Get Kicked Out of an Event       

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