Tear Down Show #170: We admit to stealing jokes just to feed our family

Here's what Michael and David talk about during the show:
Google Lens (story) 
Google Lens - Google is going bigtime into image recognition (story) 
Glucose monitor on an Apple watch - now that's a useful wearable (story) 
Ransomware is profitable and doesn't require expert skill (story) 
Uber is still top destination for job searchers, apparently (story) 
Suing over jokes (story) 
Medium launches audio versions of stories (story) 
Austin mans sues his date for texting (story) 
Target invested in a mattress company (story) 
Mark Zuckerberg's I got into Harvard video (story) 
Reply all – What kind of idiot gets phished? 
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David’s Forbes article – You’re already sitting on the secret to successful blogging
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