Tear Down Show #167: Our Unlimited Plan Guarantees Zero Connectivity

Here's what Michael and David talk about during the show:
Flying car will be available at the end of this year - “hold an altitude of up to 15 feet” and is designed to fly over fresh water. (story) 
How Russian hackers went from credit card phishing to tilting elections (story) 
Amazon's "How Do We Exploit Driverless Technology" Group (story) 
T-Mobile's weird CEO and his unlimited plan appear to be working, while Verizon is struggling (story) 
SlingStudio - Tricaster competitor for $999 (story) 
Tim Cook supposedly threatened to pull Uber from AppStore due to privacy violating behavior (story) 
French presidential leading candidate (story) 
Obfuscation - TrackMeNot, AdNauseum
Silicon Cowboys
Guy bowls a 300 game in 86.9 seconds (video) 
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