Tear Down Show #171: We're Waiting for Robots to Fold Our Laundry

Here's what Michael and David talk about during the show:
David saw CEO of YouTube speak about diversity and it was non-diverse
Google can now track online to offline transactions through credit card data (story) 
Sprig - another food delivery company - shuts down today (story) 
Foldmate and Landroid - Robots that fold your laundry (story) 
There's a family friendly home router (story) 
Instagram is the most harmful social network for your mental health (story) 
How many lives does the maker of a $150 technology-laden plate have? (story) 
NFL relaxes endzone celebrations for 2017 season (story) 
Weird Peter Popoff ad on Better Call Saul
Wolf it Down with Tyler Florence - New Orleans
Interview with advisor to Silicon Valley on HBO, Ed McManus
Wow in the World podcast
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