Tear Down Show #173: Michael and David Pick Up the Pieces of Collapsing Taxi Industry

Here's what Michael and David talk about during the show:

IMPORTANT GROUNDBREAKING JOURNALISM: Expose into the life of waiter (story) 
Family throws Quincenera for their cat (story) 
Apple releases first original TV show, Planet of the Apps (of course) (story) 
Uber CEO instructions for sex at Miami party (story) 
Uber executive obtained medical records of a rape victim of a driver, fired (story) 
The cab industry is about to collapse (story) 
An explosion of online video could triple bandwidth consumption again in the next five years (story) 
The U.S. ranks 28th in the world in mobile internet speeds (story) 
Airbnb using platform for refugees (story) 
Economic value of skipping college (story) 
Verizon to lay off 2100 after Yahoo deal (story)
Al Franken on WTF
Al Franken's new book, Giant of the Senate
Cool site – Generate tables
99% Invisible about origins of basketball
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