Tear Down Show #174: Amazon Hasn't Bought Us Yet

Here's what Michael and David talk about during the show:
Don't Recommend: Lock Artist
All of Uber's culture crisis stories (43, no 55) (story) 
Uber CEO Travis Kalanick takes leave of absence
Amazon buys Whole Foods (story) 
Walmart buys Bonobos (story) 
E3 - Stories - Forza 7 on Oct. 3rd. 4K support. XBOX One X new console will deliver (story) 
Original Age of Empires coming back (story) 
Atari is making a console (again) (story)
Robot powered burger joint is getting more $ (story) 
Why people watch gaming content on YouTube (story)
Facebook using Artificial Intelligence to find extremist posts (story) 
Car of the future a living room on wheels (story) 
Troll Cakes (story) 
Orange is the New Black is back
Haley Joel Osment is now a Silicon Valley star
RedBull Illume Photo Contest
Top 45 Free games you can play
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