Tear Down Show #175: Please Contribute to Our Kickstarter Campaign to Buy a Juicero

Here’s what Michael and David talk about during the show:
Smart Kitchen Summit coming to Japan
NYTimes Sexual Harassment by VCs article set off a flurry of responses
Can we even trust the security guys? Kaspersky may have connections to Russian govt (story) 
David’s finally cutting the cord (story)
Juicero has laid off 25% of staff in wake of a really bad viral article in Bloomberg (story) 
In Europe, Employers can't check social media accounts (story)
Drones can now go over 160 mph (story) 
DoNotPay - Chatbot helps with 1,000 legal issues - Same one reported on that helps you get out of parking tickets. It's completely free. Although it's only 55% successful (story) 
Hyperloop had its Kitty Hawk moment (story) 
Woman destroys $200K of art taking a selfie (video) 
Dennis Lehane's Since We Fell
Bill Simmons and South Park guys
Louis CK's 2017

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