Tear Down Show #177: We Implant Microchips in Our Hands to Get Easy Access to Break Room Snacks

Here's what Michael and David talk about during the show:
Buzzfeed released a kitchen gadget! (story) 
The New Rules for Making it in Hollywood (story) 
The Tesla 3 is not as economy as they touted (story) 
Roomba data up for sale (story) 
Wisconsin Company to Implant Microchips in Employees (story) 
Katie Couric is leaving Oath. Who's Oath? Yahoo. that's who (story) 
Why sitting at your computer all day can wipe you out (story) 
Why create original content when you can just post commercials? That's what BI and Cheddar are doing (story) 
Microsoft Paint to be removed after 32 years, but no people demand it stays. (story) 
Prescription video games (story) 
Reply All – Long Distance
This American Life: The Magic Show
Tech conference list
19 year old magician doing card manipulation
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