TDS #81: Can Michael and David Control Their Inbox?

Here's what David and Michael talk about on the show:

  • Comcast - Time Warner merger fails (story)
  • So What now for Comcast: Who do they buy? (story)
  • David comes back from doing a ton of coverage at RSA. Catch all coverage here and on Tenable blog.
  • Quirky's the most interesting company in America (story)
  • Forget 3D printing: I'll take 4D printing (story)
  • Kleiner Perkins offering to waive the $1 million in legal fees to Ellen Pao if she doesn't appeal (story)
  • YouTube is 10 years old: Why did the dude who uploaded first video stop at 1? (story)
  • Storytelling remade with VR (story)
  • Cablevision offers "cord cutter" package (story)
  • Inbox zero vs. people who have a flood of email. (story)
  • Reply All: Email Forgiveness Day (listen to episode)
  • Smart home device: Ecobee
  • Smart home device: Leeo

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