TDS #85: David and Michael Have Gone Google I/O Silly!

Here's what David and Michael talk about during the show:

  • All the highlights from Google I/O: Google Cardboard, 360 degree virtual reality videos with GoPro for Google Jump, the virtual reality system, and lots more (story 1) (story 2) (full list of announcements)
  • Android Pay (story)
  • Rebirth of Gigaom? The sale. Less than $1million - You should do this one (story)
  • Recode sold to Vox (story)
  • New level of bullying with Cash of Clans (story)
  • OUR SPONSOR: IGLOO (Get your free unlimited trial here)            
  • Android Nanodegrees (story)     
  • And now the IRS has been hacked - Advice on how to protect yourself, which you can't. (story)
  • Serial's coming back (story)
  • Open Source media and arts invention launches in SF. Buzzfeed founder (story)
  • Facebook to support animated GIFs (story)
  • Google's creating a whole industry around connected fabrics (story 1) (story 2)
  • 500 questions
  • Wayward Pines (story)
  • Hey Ladies
  • - List where you should submit your startup. Not complete information
  • Kung Fury

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Creative Commons photo by Jurriaan Persyn.