TDS #87: Tune In, Turn Off: That Creepy Robotic 'Real Doll' Feeling

Here’s what David and Michael talk about during the show.

  • Breaking up with the Apple Watch (story)           
  • Uber recruits new drivers with Uber drive (story)
  • Watch out Twitch, Here Comes YouTube Gaming (story
  • Kaspersky hit by a hack attack (story)     
  • All federal employees SSN numbers hacked in last week's attack (story)    
  • High tech oven that cooks food perfectly - You should do this (story)  
  • Companies don't refer to native ads as ads - Because they're not, and you shouldn't call them native ads either. (story)                           
  • What's going on with Twitter? (story)     
  • Popularity of ad blocking software (story)            
  • New version of iOS 9 Safari will feature ad blocking (story)             
  • Buzzfeed gets 1.2 billion video views each month, almost none on Buzzfeed (story)
  • Makers of the real doll are trying to make it robotic (story)                           
  • Orange is the New Black-Season 3
  • Ready Player One           
  • Top 100 Movie quotes of all time
  • Cinefix YouTube channel

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