TDS#88: David and Michael Go Bananas, Can't Slice It

Here’s what David and Michael talk about during the show.

  • Twitter Project Lightening (story)          
  • How the Uber full time employee decision might affect the sharing economy (story)
  • In the future, employees won't exist (story)      
  • Obama heads into Marc Maron's garage (story)
  • Texting and Walking lane at Utah Valley University (story)           
  • Ebay-Craigslist legal battle ends - fascinating story of corporate spying and duplicity (story)   
  • Blocking ad blockers (story)     
  • A shakeout for smart home? (story)     
  • Cuba getting Internet WiFi hotspots. Problem is a Netflix subscription is about 1/3rd of a month's salary (story)   
  • Google removing nude photos that you don't want up there. Or revenge porn (story)
  • Tech-aided human telephathy - how far away? (story)  
  • Banana slicer review on Amazon
  • UnREAL          

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