TDS #89: No Selfie Sticks Were Used in This Podcast

Here’s what David and Michael talk about on this episode:

  • Amid protests, French government tries to shut down Uber (story
  • Marc Maron's interview, and his follow up discussion with his producer. (podcast)
  • Treasure Truck is on its way (story)
  • Google's Undo Send Feature - All this is putting a timer on when you hit the send button. (story)   
  • Fred Wilson's sick of startups focused on growth, not profitability (story)        
  • Netflix bigger than the networks? I don't buy the math. (story)                       
  • Disney bans the selfie-stick (story)       
  • Structured stories - Structured Stories is a news database that empowers everyone to collect, use and improve a permanent record of news events. (story)        
  • TumblrTV, a GIF search engine (story)             
  • Why join a big VC when you can roll your own? (story
  • Cooking Issues Podcast          
  • The Late Show Podcast

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