Tear Down #90: David and Michael Wish They Were Cool as Prince

Here's what David and Michael talk about on the show.

  • Skateboards are the new combovers. Any youthful efforts you're chasing? (story)               
  • Windows 10 is coming. Do you care? I do sort of (story)(story)                           
  • Using technology to solve the problems technology has introduced into our lives. (story)
  • Prince is pulling music off of Pandora, Spotify (story)       
  • Zuckerberg says we'll communicate by thought (story)    
  • Gawker opens the financial kimono ahead of Hulk lawsuit (story)  
  • LEGO Robot solves Rubick's Cube in 3.4 seconds - World Record (story)  
  • Record Breaking LEGO Ball Contraption - Rube Goldberg machine (story)
  • Alexa is now Amazon's competitor to Siri (story)
  • End of Slot car with Anki Overdrive (story)
  • Google tags black people as Gorillas (story)         
  • Freescale wants to use RF technology to reinvent cooking (story)  
  • Ready Player One           
  • Love and Radio 
  • Zoe Nightengale             

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