Tear Down Show #91: David and Michael Troll for Your Internet Outrage

Here's what David and Michael talk about on the show.


  • Reddit fallout (story 1) (story 2)
  • Gawker removes a post outing a CFO at Conde Nast, but there's still so much other coverage. (story 1) (story 2) (story 3)               
  • Neil Young pulls music from services, citing quality (story)            
  • Huffington Post is covering Trump's presidential campaign as "Entertainment" (story)   
  • Apple updates the lowly iPod Touch (story)        
  • Cameras that follow you - Soloshot and Lilydrone (watch video)               
  • First commercially available flamethrower (story)            
  • Fake site constructed to look like Bloomberg to manipulate Twitter stock price (story)   
  • Netflix preferred TOP network over most demos             (story)
  • Password sharing of Netflix and HBO costing possibly $500 Million (story)
  • News sites are slow-loading, bloated pieces of junk (story)
  • Trainwreck         
  • El Narco               
  • Killing Pablo

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