Tear Down Show #92:David and Michael Reveal the Ashley Madison Hack While Inside a Jeep Cherokee

Here’s what David and Michael talk about during the show:

  • Ashley Madison Hack - Is this the public wake up call? (story)
  • Identity revealed. They're not bluffing. (story)     
  • Car completely hacked...remotely - Watch it (story)         
  • Recall by Chrysler (story)
  • Comcast facing midlife crisis, may try to buy way into cool crowd (story)    
  • Vidcon conference. It's changed a lot from six years ago when I went. (story)     
  • Apple yanks Nest: What does it mean? (story)
  • How to rage quit a media job. In light of Gawker media mess. (story)  
  • Apple music apparently sucks (story)
  • $1 billion of mobile ads are never seen (story)    
  • Twitter frat party deemed poor taste - PC culture becoming rampant to the point of becoming a joke. (story)
  • Midroll acquired (story)
  • Ballers on HBO
  • Most recent episode of The Startup. Kind of an amazing story going from 0 to $2 million in revenue in one year for a podcast media company. (listen)
  • Hot Girls Wanted on Netflix

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