TDS #95: Michael and David Will Delete Your Account for Only $12

Here’s what Michael and David talk about during the show:

  • Ashley Madison reveals continue. This story is going to keep giving for a long time. Modern day Robin Hoods? (story)
  • They made $2 million off of delete account service (story)
  • Social popularity of NY Times sections and authors (story)             
  • Facebook lets advertisers use GIFs: good or bad? (story)  
  • China is cleaning the Internet (story)
  • Flash is dead (story and Techcrunch story)           
  • Auto generated memories with Google's Remember the day, automated generated videos, and Magisto(story)            
  • This week in sad promotions: a free Rolling Stone Song to commemorate 20 years of Windows 95 (story)   
  • The Verge reviews animals (in other words, WTF is going on with the Verge?) (story)
  • In conversation with Quentin Tarantino 
  • An Honest Guide to SF Startup Life

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