TDS 96: Michael and David Search For Mr Brady's Plans

Here’s what Michael and David talk about during the show

  • New York Daily News' Headline on the reporter shooting (story)  
  • YouTube Gaming launches to compete with Twitch (story)                           
  • New Apple TV coming with Wii-ish remote (story)           
  • Barely any women on Ashley Madison. What were the men paying for? (story 1) (story 2)
  • NYC taxi drivers developing app (story)  
  • What's OK/Not OK for cell phone use (story 1) (story 2)   
  • Amazon wants into our kitchens (story)  
  • Netflix courting YouTube stars to get tweens and teenagers (story)  
  • 1 Billion on Facebook (story)      
  • Sarah Palin is interviewing Donald Trump (story)
  • Amazon Underground - Offering a ton of apps for free, even in-app purchases (story)

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