#98: Michael and David Draw Themselves Into a Corner with the Apple Pencil

Here's what Michael and David talk about this week:

  • Stephen Colbert launches. Can he play himself? Is he better in character?         
  • Apple announcements, iPad Pro, Apple TV, Pencil was my favorite; Live photos; iPad Pro; Apple TV
  • Apple Pencil - Is it a mistake or a boon?  (story)  
  • Only 11% of US IPOs are tech this year (story)     
  • Washington Post blocking the ad blockers (story)             
  • John McAfee is running for president (story)       
  • More Ashley Madison News. Badly encrypted passwords - 11.2 million passwords revealed (story)          
  • Android Pay debuts. Are you having a hard time paying for things that you need this? (story
  • Programming cheerleaders (story)          
  • Missing Podcast
  • 39 Best Simpsons literary references
  • Finishing Narcos             
  • GameInformer   
  • Missing Podcast

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