TDS #99: Michael and David Join the Sweathogs

Here's what Michael and David talk about during the show:

  • David finally sells something on eBay   
  • Tech elite on Colbert's first week: Apple, Tesla, Uber     
  • Marco pulls ad blocking software after shooting to #1 (story)
  • The Facebook Dislike button (story)
  • Amazon hands a gift to Shopify (story)   
  • Facebook introduces Signal for journalists (story)
  • Matt Mullenweg talks about commercializing their home-built Slack (story)
  • Sharp is going to sell an 8K TV. But there's no content for it. 85" version is only $133K. video has to be fed in via four separate HDMI cables, which are needed to handle the quantities of data involved. (story)          
  • It's the end of Zune. (story)        
  • Top 100 passwords on Ashley Madison (story)    
  • $50 tablets from Amazon, or get a six pack for $250. (story)             
  • TV Box Battle! Amazon releases a new one, one week after Apple TV (story)
  • You're the worst            
  • YouTube Creators channel
  • And we talk A LOT about Welcome Back Kotter and Three’s Company.

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