Tear Down Show #117: Michael and David Have a Face for Pancakes

Here’s what you’ll hear on this episode:


  • The fun parts of election: Fake PACs, etc (video)
  • GM to make driverless cars. Car sharing. Changing economy for standard businesses (story)      
  • the next Elon Musk? Kyle Voigt (story)   
  • Pancake printer - ask about if I ever try to make cool shapes w/pancake batter (story)         
  • Instacart lowers pay for delivery people (story)   
  • Obama's speech at SXSW (story)
  • End of Moore's Law (story)         
  • Sonos is struggling (story)           
  • VRTually There News Show being produced by USA Today (story)  
  • VidAngel and Movie Swap Legal? (story)
  • Tool to move from Evernote to OneNote (story
  • Charlie Kaufman on WTF            
  • Love - on Netflix

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