Analyzing The Smart Home Landscape With Nate Williams of August

Lots going on in smart home, so we decided to catch up with one of the smartest guys in the space to talk about what exactly is going on.

We talk about:
-The iControl acquisition by Comcast and
-The history of the smart home platforms space
-The next wave of smart home platforms post iControl
-Marwan Fawaz and his history at ADT, Google and what to expect at Nest
-The latest from August
-What excites Nate in smart home
-Plus more!

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The WWDC 2016 Smart Home Review

What did Apple announce at their Worldwide Developer Conference in smart home?

Listen to the podcast to find out! Specifically:

-Mike talks about the Apple Home app

-features such as scenes, geofencing, Siri access and more

-He talks about what the news from Apple means from the smart home industry

-He gives a bonus update on some fairly big news around smart home coming out of Bluetooth this week

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Tony Fadell Leaves, What's Next for Nest & An Apple Visual Interface

In this podcast Mike talks with Nick Weaver, CEO of Eero, a company that just received a $50 million funding round to invest in the development of its whole-home mesh Wi-Fi systems.

He also gives some thoughts about the departure of Tony Fadell from Nest, the new Nest CEO Marwan Fawaz and speculates about whether Apple will create a visual interface for the smart home.

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Apple Is Apparently Getting Siri-ous About Smart Home

This week rumors of an Apple answer to Echo were surfaced by The Information, plus Belkin launches smart water joint venture called Phyn, Pebble creates its own do-anything button and Eero gets a cool $50 mil for its mesh Wi-Fi system.

Our guest for this week's show is Centralite CTO John Calagaz. You can find out more about Centralite at

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Amazon Wants Us To Push Their Everything Button

In this podcast, Mike and Yonomi CEO Kent Dickson talk about Amazon's do-everything button, rumors of Google's Echo competitor and what a dedicated HomeKit app in iOS 10 would mean. We also hear about what Kent and his team are building with Yonomi.

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Knock Knock, Who's Killing It in Video Doorbells? Ring's Jamie Siminoff

This week we talk with Jamie Siminoff, CEO of Ring.

(Soundcloud is having issues - for right now - 5/2/2016 at 7 AM PST - this and directly at Soundcloud - - are the only places to get the podcast)

Over two years ago, Jamie went on Shark Tank. Mark Cuban and others passed, and since they the've probably regretted it as Jamie and his team have gone on to define one of the fastest growing categories in the smart home: the video doorbell.

We talk about those early days, how VC's have largely missed on some of the fastest growing categories in smart home by looking for "platforms" and how Ring has found success by focusing on doing one thing really well.

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Listen Up! We're Talking Sound Detection And The Smart Home

You think Alexa has the market cornered on audio detection in the smart home? Think again.

In this episode of the Smart Home Show we talk with Audio Analytic CEO Dr. Chris Mitchell about how sound detection can be used in hundreds of ways to power various smart home products and use cases. Chris talks about how the company started with an argument with his professor to a company that has captured over 3 million hours of audio to create one of the largest sound databases in the world.

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Tony Fadell And The Mess at Nest

This podcast features a conversation with Home:On's Richard Gunther at SXSW as well as an update on smart home news, including:

-the mess at Nest and Google's effort to create an Echo competitor

-Juicero comes out of stealth and debuts their $700 cold-press connected cold press juicer

-Amazon enables one button condom delivery

-Mars, the candy bar company (and dog food company) buys Whistle, the connected pet tracker

-Video doorbell mania!

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Hey Sonos, Meet Apple

In this episode, Mike talks about Sonos layoffs and how Apple should make a move, as well as gives his thoughts on the Dot and Tap.

In the second half of the show, we feature an interview from the Smart Kitchen Show where Mike talks with Mike Wallace from Perfect Company about all they saw in smart kitchen at the Housewares show.

Mike will be in Austin this week recording a podcast with Richard Gunther, so stay tuned for that!

Alexa, Hire Me Some Smart Home Folks

This week's episode features guest Jeff Lyman, the Chief Marketing Officer of Vivint.

Mike also reviews the news, including ADT's acquisition, Intel and Qualcomm burying the IoT hatchet, and Amazon hiring like crazy in its smart home group.

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CES 2016 Smart Home Show Live

Mike podcasts live on Thursday from show floor of CES 2016.

His guests include:
-Richard Gunther, Host of Home:On podcast
-Steve Svajian, CEO of Anova Culinary
-Phillip Raub, CMO of B8ta
-Peter Taylor, Head of Product, Belkin WEMO

Thanks to Anova for letting us sit and take over the booth for an hour!