Tony Fadell And The Mess at Nest

This podcast features a conversation with Home:On's Richard Gunther at SXSW as well as an update on smart home news, including:

-the mess at Nest and Google's effort to create an Echo competitor

-Juicero comes out of stealth and debuts their $700 cold-press connected cold press juicer

-Amazon enables one button condom delivery

-Mars, the candy bar company (and dog food company) buys Whistle, the connected pet tracker

-Video doorbell mania!

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Hey Sonos, Meet Apple

In this episode, Mike talks about Sonos layoffs and how Apple should make a move, as well as gives his thoughts on the Dot and Tap.

In the second half of the show, we feature an interview from the Smart Kitchen Show where Mike talks with Mike Wallace from Perfect Company about all they saw in smart kitchen at the Housewares show.

Mike will be in Austin this week recording a podcast with Richard Gunther, so stay tuned for that!

Alexa, Hire Me Some Smart Home Folks

This week's episode features guest Jeff Lyman, the Chief Marketing Officer of Vivint.

Mike also reviews the news, including ADT's acquisition, Intel and Qualcomm burying the IoT hatchet, and Amazon hiring like crazy in its smart home group.

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CES 2016 Smart Home Show Live

Mike podcasts live on Thursday from show floor of CES 2016.

His guests include:
-Richard Gunther, Host of Home:On podcast
-Steve Svajian, CEO of Anova Culinary
-Phillip Raub, CMO of B8ta
-Peter Taylor, Head of Product, Belkin WEMO

Thanks to Anova for letting us sit and take over the booth for an hour!

Technology.FM Fireside: A Very Smart Home Holiday

Welcome to a very Smart Home Christmas special. This is a podcast with folks from three podcasts: HomeTech.FM, Home: On and the Smart Home Show, all part of the Technology.FM podcast collective.

In this podcast we talk about what thought about the smart home in 2015, including our favorite stories, the biggest trends and what we see happening in 2016.

You can find all of these podcasts at or at their individual sites:

Happy Holidays everyone!

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Talking Future of Smart Home Retail With b8ta's Phillip Raub

On the previous episode Mike talked about b8ta. On this episode, he talks TO b8ta. That's right, he goes directly to the source to have a conversation with Phillip Raub, cofounder of the new IoT retail store.

If you're a startup looking to sell your product at retail, a big company with an IoT product or a retailer trying to figure out how to sell IoT products, this is a must listen.

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Smart Home Show Live

This is a recording of the Smart Home Show Live, which was recorded on November 19th at the Target Open House smart home concept store in San Francisco.

Interviews on this show include:

• Jason Johnson - Founder & CEO, August
• Michael Papish - Director, Platform Strategy, Sonos
• Peter Taylor - VP Products, Belkin
• James Blackwell - CTO, Roost Labs
• Greg Kahn - Head of Membership and Partnerships, IoT Consortium
• Bill Mitchell - Founder & CEO, PicoBrew

Stacey Higginbotham from the IoT podcast also participated and interviewed alongside Mike.

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HomeKit, CEDIA and Smart Kitchens!

On this episode, we have a two-parter as Mike catches up with Richard Gunther before he flies to Seattle for the Smart Kitchen Summit.

On the second half of the show, Control4 CEO Martin Plaehn talks about what Control4 had to show at CEDIA.

Check out the livestream of the Smart Kitchen Summit at on Thursday November 5th to see Mike, Richard and Internet of Things podcast host Stacey Higginbotham!


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August CEO Jason Johnson Talks About Their New Products

I caught up with Jason Johnson to hear about their new lock products, which include:

-a new HomeKit smart lock
-video doorbell
-a key pad add-on
-a new service platform for home service providers like dog walkers and deliverymen to get one-time access through the August smart lock.