Hear from those using smartwatches. Below are Smartwatch FM conversations with those using smartwatches, from new owners to super-users. 

A kid and his smartwatch

After hearing his dad talk endlessly about smartwatches for a month, my son decided to get a Pebble. I talk to him about it. The direct link to this conversation can be found here.

Steven Mautone - Smartwatch Superuser (WIMM, Martian, Cookoo, Garmin & more)

Watches: WIMM (owned by Google), Martian, Cookoo, Garmin & more

Location: San Francisco

Interview Date: Summer 2013

The conversation with Steven Mautone can be downloaded here and a direct link can be found here

Davie Marshall - Pebble Owner

Watch: Pebble

Location: United Kingdom

Interview Date: July 12, 2013

Summary: Davie Marshall owns the Kickstarter edition of the Pebble watch. This is his first smartwatch. 

The interview with Davie Marshall can be downloaded here. Permalink to this post is here.

Chris Sewell - Metawatch Owner

Watch: Metawatch

Location: Baltimore, MD

Interview Date: July 5, 2013

Summary: Chris Sewell met the Metawatch founders at a BBQ and has been a fan since. He has multiple Metawatches.


The interview with Chris Sewell (with full transcript) can be found here.

Eric Peterson - Pebble Owner

Watch: Pebble Watch

Location: Shrewsbury, MA

Interview Date: July, 2013

Summary: Eric Peterson talks about his experience with the Pebble smartwatch.