Video Game Break - Episode 102

LIVE at the Raygun Lounge with Brad Gallaway, Kinsey Burke, and Kelsey Lewin! Also you get an achievement if you finish the podcast, because the audio had some 'issues'. We had a high end .. thing ... going on, and a semi loud crowd around us .. so kudos to you if you made it to the end!

Video Game Break Podcast - Episode 95

No intro music this episode. Why? Well, we had our mixer go on the fritz and we lost a couple episodes. HOWEVER we saved this conversation with Brad's voice memo feature. Thanks smart phones!

AJ Burke joins us to talk mind powers, The Witness, The Division, This War of Mine: The Little Ones, Gemini: Heroes Reborn, and hot dog pizza.


Crashlands, Conan, The Witness, and Pony Island with Brad Gallaway

Brad Gallaway and I talk about Crashlands, Dead Space 3 (and games made for co-op), Pony Island, The Witness, Gear VR, and Conan on the 360 for some reason. Then end up going into a discussion about game gore and later indie games. Also, I used 'Take on me' as the theme music .. because of the whole 'having sex with yourself' bit we get into.

Get it? Take .. on ... me. #sorryforthelamejoke

Video Game Break Podcast - Episode 88

Mon, 23 November 2015

Video Game Break Podcast - Episode 88

I sat down with Chaz (aka Charles Simmons) and Jerome Woody to talk some Nintendo, Fallout 4, Emulators, and Steam. We talk about what's up with Nintendo, discuss if you should buy a Steam box, and I mention problems I have base building in Fallout 4.

Chaz Bazz on YouTube

Jerome Woody:

The controller Jerome has (and i'm getting!):

Pico-8 game creation we were talking about:

If you make a game with it - share it with us!